Kenmark has a deep history. A history of design and designers. A history of nurturing emerging brands. And a history of investing in in-house time and effort to bring beauty and inspiration to our customers. Design is in our DNA. Design, not just for product, but for the entire team we assemble to bring an idea to market. The hours of inspiration, creativity and emotion we build into every pair of glasses we create is matched only by the hours of strategy, planning and expert execution we build into developing our brands and identifying the right place and path for them to grow.

Every relationship and partnership we forge is carefully measured to ensure we are the right fit for each other. We partner with brands who share our core values - a love of design is first and foremost. Our licenses are deeply involved in the creation of each of their frames and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We immerse ourselves in our brands to create eyewear that is undeniably their own. It is because of this unique relationship that we are sought after time and again as brand partners.


Perfect service is a lofty goal and something our customer service teams strive to attain every day. Kenmark has separate teams dedicated to the United States and international customers. When you call Kenmark, you speak to a person. A person who knows the industry; a person who knows the products; and a person who is there to listen, solve problems and elevate the customer experience. Our Louisville, Kentucky flagship location ensures an approachable hospitality unmatched by our competitors. This office houses our design, marketing, creative, advertising, PR, financial, international, warehouse, shipping, sales, information technology, and customer service teams. We have a team of expert sales consultants that partner with you to grow your business together.